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Introducing Heirloom, one of SAERK's most distinctive and inspired collections. Embracing artistic patchwork and eastern heritage, Heirloom transports you into a world of warmth and enchantment. Crafted with sustainable ECONYL® yarn, our carpets begin as pristine whites, later transformed using innovative ChromoJet technology. Dare to explore beyond convention and design your own unique floor concept with Heirloom's three remarkable patterns: 1. Sultan A harmonious interplay of patchwork, capturing the essence of timeless craftsmanship 2. Oasis A static design imbued with the architectural charm of ancient oases 3. Mirage A serene weave pattern enhanced by vibrant color combinations. Immerse yourself in the allure of Heirloom and let each room narrate its own captivating story.

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1275 SEK per sqm


1600 SEK per sqm


2200 SEK per sqm


2000 SEK per sqm